OSCE Parliamentary Assembly vice-president calls for regional security

An International Conference “Building a Nuclear Weapon-Free World” started on 29 August in Astana, Kazakhstan.

The forum organized on the initiative of President Nazarbayev brought together 1,000 people from 51 countries and 20 international organizations.

Addressing the forum, Azay Guliyev, vice president of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly (OSCE PA) said: “The main tasks of the international community are to prevent the proliferation of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and means of their delivery and ensure appropriate internal control over them”.

In his speech, he stressed that the OSCE PA fully supports the important role of the conference in ensuring nuclear safety in the world.

“This event will attract parliamentarians to the issues of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons and disarmament, examining the current situation in this area, as well as the preparation of general plans, the development of a general strategy of freeing the world from nuclear weapons,” he added.

Azay Guliyev recalled the experience of Kazakhstan, which renounced the world’s fourth nuclear arsenal and closed the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site August 29, 1991.

“We should congratulate Kazakhstan with the undertaken actions,” he added. “This is a great contribution of Kazakhstan, and in particular, Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev, in the process of disarmament nuclear powers.”

“As a result, Kazakhstan created the world politics to eliminate the threat of nuclear terrorism and became the leader of a great humanitarian initiative,” he said.

Guliyev said he supports President Nazarbayev’s idea of establishing the prize to support other world leaders in the world nuclear disarmament movement.

In his speech, Guliyev stressed that joining of all countries to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons is a priority issue.

The international conference, which is being held in Astana, has recently acquired the status of the most large-scale event for the prohibition of nuclear weapons and regional cooperation.

The conference will run until August 31.


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