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Salimov Kamil – a co-chairman of the Joint Working Group
Worked as a laboratory assistant in SRI of Judicial Examinations since 1973. From 1974 to 1979 year was trained on a faculty of law of the Azerbaijan State University. From ...

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Jamalov Shahin – a co-chairman of the Joint Working Group
Mr. Jamalov went to school ¹1 in the Jajilabad region in 1986-1994 and received secondary education in a private Turkish lycée in 1994-1998 in Lankaran. Shahin Jamalov received a bachelor ...

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Alizade Arzukhan – a member of the Joint Working Group
Alizade Arzukhan Bakhshali was born in Baku on March 18, 1965. Mr. Alizada graduated from Baku State University; he has studied in the faculty of law in 1992. He has ...

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Movsumov Vasif – a member of the Joint Working Group
Has graduated from the Azerbaijan Pedagogical University in 1983. Is an expert in the field of history and law. He has experience of instructor activity at Technical school where has ...

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Nuriyev Alimammad – a member of the Joint Working Group
Mr. Nuriyev has graduated from the law faculty of Baku State University. During his membership in the Bar Association, he has worked as an advocate. He has also been a ...

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