Obama 53, MakCein 44%

Obama 53, MakCein 44%The Democrat candidate has more chances for being elected. One day left to U.S.A presidential elections appointed on November 4. According to the information given by Lent.az the candidate of Democrat party Barak Obama prevails over his republican opponent on the eve of the elections. But some people are sure that John MakCein who is called “political corpse” will win. All these are happening on the background of Barak Obama’s aunt’s living as an illegal migrant. The agencies states that 4 years ago the step-sister of his father came from Kenya to U.S.A illegally to get political shelter. Even if the woman hasn’t got a status she is still living in the country. It is prohibited to get any assistance of foreigners during the elections. But it appeared that the aunt of Barak Obama had transferred 265$ for his election campaign. Taking into consideration this fact Democrat Party stated that the very amount would be returned. Barak Obama informed that he hadn’t received any assistance from his aunt. The last social polls showed that the democrat candidate prevailed 9% over his opponent. The 53% of voters support Obama and 44% support MacKein. But Mackein is against removing his name off the list. The Republican candidate stated that he had a strong feeling for winning his opponent.

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