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US State Department spread a report about human trafficking in the world
United States of America has expanded the list of the countries which do not take proper measures against human trafficking. ANS PRESS based on internet website of US State Department ...

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Council of Europe expresses concern about suggested changes to media and NGO legislation in Azerbaijan
The Council of Europe expressed concern about some of the proposed changes to the legislation regulating non-governmental organizations and media in Azerbaijan, Samuel Žbogar, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia ...

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Trend News Persian Desk ‘s interview with the Nobel Peace Prize 2003 Laureate, human rights activist Shirin Ebadi
Trend News: Two days ago You sent Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad an open letter that criticized situation of human rights in Iran. What is the current situation with human rights ...

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European Court has announced protocol N14 of convention ready for signing
European Court announced protocol N14 of the convention on protection of human rights and major freedom ready for signing. Protocol N14 aims at increasing effectiveness of work of the European ...

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Turkish Cabinet Adopts Bill on Establishment of Human Rights Agency
The Turkish cabinet adopted on Monday the bill on establishment of human rights agency. Turkey’s State Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, Cemil Cicek said the Council of Ministers had adopted ...

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Turkmenistan draws up new report on fulfillment of Anti Torture Convention: mass media
Turkmenistan is drawing up a national report on implementation of the Convention against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, ratified in 1999, the Turkmen State News ...

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U.S. Azeris propose their assistance to President Obama
The 44th President of the United States Barack Obama – the first African American President of the country – was sworn in on Tuesday before the U.S. Capitol Hill and ...

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Barak Obama to start to the presidency
The 44th president of the United States Barak Obama took an oath on the Lincoln Bible. Barak Obama has gained the authority to run the government as the 44th president ...

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The conference on “Tolerance and discrimination in education” is carried out
An international conference on “Tolerance and Discrimination in Education” within the 8th General Assembly of the Dialogue Eurasia Platform in Antalya has started. The conference was co-organized by the Turkey’s ...

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Ombudsman meet with Azerbaijanis living in Dagestan
Elmira Suleymanova: “I will summarize the requests of Azerbaijan Diasporas and introduce them to the plenipotentiary bodies”. Commissioner for human rights (Ombudsman) of the Republic of Azerbaijan Elmira Suleymanova visited ...

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