Azerbaijani MP addresses French colleague with open letter in connection with incident in Paris

Member of Milli Majlis (Parliament) of Azerbaijan Aydin Mirzazade wrote an open letter to member of the National Assembly of France François Rochebloine who was present during the beating of two Azerbaijanis, the MP told Trend.
“We became acquainted during joint activities within PACE. As representatives, each of us have repeatedly spoken about our countries’ issues as well as European issues. I remember you as a serious advocate of Armenian interests. Therefore, I’m not surprised by your participation in the February 26 incident initiated by the French Bureau on Armenian issues in the National Assembly of France in Paris,” the MP stated in his letter.
Mirzazadeh also said he was surprised by how the French MP calmly observed the brutal beating of two Azerbaijanis by the Armenian participants of the event.
“Azerbaijani students in France, Mirvari Fataliyeva and Vusal Huseynov, were “democratically” beaten, and their cries for help were treated with indifference by everyone. The beating occurred after they asked the participants to honor the memory of hundreds of Azerbaijanis killed by Armenian armed forces in Khojaly on February 26 1992. You witnessed how up to 150 participants of Armenian descent severely beat a girl and young man. They were seriously injured and in need of serious medical care. Even if you did not see the beating of the two young Azerbaijanis, you surely heard their calls for help and were obliged to respond. Dear French colleague, I am addressing you with a question: Why did you remain silent, why you didn’t dissuade your Armenian friends from committing actions far from human? Since when is raising a hand against a woman considered the civilized norm? You say that you are sorry about what happened. Was it impossible to intervene in the incident at the time, stop the brutality, and demand respect for human rights?” the letter from Mirzazade said.
The Azerbaijani MP added: “You say you were surprised by the participation of the two men in this event. I can’t understand why France tries to hold the event of a public organization at parliament behind closed doors? What issues are secretly being discussed there? On February 26, 1992, Armenian armed forces attacked and blockaded the unarmed city of Khojaly and killed 613 people, including 63 children, 106 women and 70 old men; eight families were completely destroyed, 25 children lost both of parents, 130 children – one of them. On that night, Armenian armed forces held hostage 1,275 civilians. The fate of 150 of them still remains unknown. All that these young people wanted was democracy in a democratic country. Instead, the Khojaly tragedy that occurred 21 years ago almost happened once again. ”
Mirzazade believes the information written about the incident that took place in the French parliament and the Khojaly tragedy will help his French counterpart to see the true face of Armenian nationalism in a more clear way.
“And you as a person, elected by the people will speak at a parliamentary meeting on this incident and demand justice for the culprits. I decided to address you with this letter, as I am personally acquainted with you,” Mirzazade said.
The two Azerbaijanis – Head of the House of Azerbaijan Mirvari Fataliyeva and Vusal Huseynov were beaten by representatives of the Armenian community at the French National Assembly during an event titled ’25 years after Sumgait: the present situation and future prospects for the people of Nagorno-Karabakh’, organized by the Armenian community in France.
The Azerbaijani Embassy sent a note of protest to the French Foreign Ministry and a letter to the president of the country’s National Assembly in connection with the incident.
The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry recently issued a statement condemning the violence against Azerbaijani citizens in France and expressing hope that relevant authorities will take action on this issue and that the country’s law enforcement agencies will promptly investigate the crime and bring culprits to justice.
The parliamentary group of friendship of the National Assembly of France with Azerbaijan condemned the incident involving the beating of two Azerbaijanis in Paris. The French Foreign Ministry condemned the act of violence that took place on Tuesday in the National Assembly of the country, resulting in beating of two Azerbaijanis.

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