Elkhan Suleymanov: “Networked slanderers exposed! “

Since few months, in local and international media, Armenians, local and foreign pro-Armenian and anti-Azerbaijan forces, serving to Armenia, have been attacking me and my colleague in ruthless and immoral way, slandering and smearing us, only in order to damage Azerbaijan.
There is a saying in Azerbaijan: “Everybody has his own ax to grind”. As in this saying, Armenians and pro-Armenian forces tried to amplify these false slanders networked at local and international level, with only one goal: “Damage the international image of Azerbaijan”. A few western MPs, well-known as very active Armenian lobbyists, repeated these low attacks during PACE winter session in Strasbourg. It became clear to all once again that this ruthless slander and smear campaign against my country was a part of a broad international conspiracy, organized by foreign corporate forces, to create unrests in order to destabilize Azerbaijan.
But the Milan Court in Italy destroyed all dreams and hope of all these saboteurs.
I would like to inform the local and international public that all allegations were false and slanderous, as the Judge of Milan Court confirmed in his decision on January 27th, and everybody, even these slanderers are obliged to respect the Court’s decision. Unfortunately, the ones, who groundlessly attack, slander and smear against Azerbaijan, are often regarded as a hero-fighter.
The Council of Judges on Preliminary Investigations of Milan Prosecutor’s Office declared on behalf of Italian People:
“It is decided not to proceed against Luca Volonté regarding the accusation of corruption during the exercise of his function, due to groundless allegation.”
This decision exposed the slanderers, who networked against my country and me!
I always ignore slanders and gossip, as it is part of my life as a man with public vocation, and therefore, I am committed to serve my country and my nation as always. I will further mobilize all my efforts to protect my country from biased, groundless attacks, persecution and destabilizing attempts by corporate anti-Azerbaijani forces, in particular local and international Armenians and pro-Armenian forces.

Elkhan Suleymanov

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