Elkhan Suleymanov addressed 2 letters to MEPs regarding biased anti-Azerbaijani resolution

The European Parliament adopted non-objective and biased resoltuion against Azerbaijan on September 9, 2015. The vote passed with 365 votes in favor and 202 against, with 72 abstentions, which can be de facto counted as against, so 365 MEPs did vote for the critical urgency resolution, but 274 MEPs did not support the resolution. The voting results proved serious split of views towards Azerbaijan among MEPs.
Elkhan Suleymanov, Chairman of Azerbaijani delegation to the Euronest PA, addressed a letter to MEPs, who voted against the resolution, supporting friendship and cooperation with Azerbaijan, and another letter to MEPs, who voted in favor of the resolution, supporting anti-Azerbaijani campaign.
Taking the urgency of the issue into consideration, we bring the two letters to the attention of readers.

To the attention of,
MEPs supporting friendship and cooperation with Azerbaijan

Dear Members of the European Parliament,

It seems that once again, slander has prevailed over truth, and lies over cooperation and the European Parliament has unfortunately adopted another grossly biased urgency resolution against Azerbaijan. However, we are heartened to see so many MEPs like you who understood that the only way to solve problems and crises is through cooperation and dialogue and not baseless attacks.
For your position, faced with the unprecedented campaign of disinformation against Azerbaijan, for understanding that the fates of our country and Europe are and should be tied together, in friendship, we wish to deeply thank you! We believe you chose the correct stance on the matter and we appreciate this.
You have succeeded in showing that despite a certain anti-Azeri bias in the European Parliament, there are still those who are interested more in truth and reason. Your position can only benefit both our sides. Azerbaijan is a strong, flourishing country, with a dynamic youth and a modern outlook. Its citizens are free, and its laws strong and well respected – by everyone, starting with the government. Its judicial system functions in line with international standards. If any citizen, no matter their profession or political affiliation, is found guilty of breaching the law, they are sentenced accordingly.
Our country has, it is true, problems. Suffering under 23 years of armed aggression and occupation, having a large internal refugee population, and placed in a recently very complicated region serve indeed to create a difficult situation in Azerbaijan. We actually need you cooperation and assistance. We need to establish better trade partnerships, scholarships, cultural cooperation, and also your support in any way in what concerns the Armenian occupation. And we are also open to work together with you, in various frameworks, including Euronest, to solve common issues.
We want to address a call to you, after events like the recent resolution. Whenever you are faced with the slanders and accusations which come so often against us, do not hesitate to contact us for clarifications. We will be always interested in providing all possible information on the realities in Azerbaijan. Only through such open and frank dialogue can we avoid the alienation some politicians in Europe so strongly want to impose on us.
Please be assured of our continuous friendship!

With kind regards,

Elkhan Suleymanov
Chair of the Azerbaijan Delegation to the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly

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