Duration of traffic restrictions on European Games lanes in Baku extended

The duration of traffic restrictions on the European Games lanes in Baku has been extended for 10 days.

Drivers can use the Game lanes in accordance with road signs and marking lines, Chief of Main State Traffic Police Office’s public relations department, Police Colonel Kamran Aliyev told APA.

“They can’t use lanes where there are prohibition signs. Otherwise they will be fined in accordance with the law,” he added.

Aliyev said that as BEGOC appealed that the athletes taking part in Baku 2015 first European Games and foreign guests are still in the city, the duration of traffic restrictions on the Games lanes was extended for 10 days.

Aliyev also mentioned that upon the request of the residents who were satisfied with the arrangement of traffic movement in the capital during the Games, as well as the comfortable and smooth movement of vehicles as a result of the elimination of traffic congestion and its positive impact on the environment, the Road Safety Commission under the Cabinet Ministers of Azerbaijan hold meetings and discussions with the participation of the Commission members to develop action plan for solving traffic problems, and probably in next few days, the public will be given detailed information about the decisions to be adopted.


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