Azerbaijan sets fines for violation of tobacco use restriction

Azerbaijani Parliament’s Labor and Social Policy Committee and the Committee on Legal Policy and State Building on Monday discussed a bill restricting the use of tobacco products and the amendment proposed to the Code of Administrative Offences in this regard.

The bill bans legal entities and individuals, authorized to trade in tobacco products, from using the methods that encourage the consumers, APA reported.

These methods include free distribution or giving as present tobacco products and their new versions, offering tobacco products as reward of lotteries, contests, sports competitions, games, holding competition on sale and use of tobacco products (including the collection of cigarette boxes and parts) and promotional lotteries. Persons engaged in the production and sale of tobacco can’t distribute produced or sold tobacco products among consumers as gifts or assistance.

In order to restrict tobacco use and minimize the negative effects of tobacco smoke on the environment, tobacco use has been prohibited at educational facilities, sports venues, catering facilities including restaurants, cafés, bars, etc. trade and public facilities, theatres and cinemas, libraries, and children’s playgrounds.

The probation will also apply to pedestrian crossings, intercity buses as well as those running from city to city, taxis, aircraft, railroad stations, and bus terminal terminals. There must be a “no smoking” sign at all facilities.

Selling or offering tobacco product to teenagers is prohibited. Anyone violating the law will be fined AZN 100 to 250.

A fine of AZN 60 to 100 will be imposed for offering alcoholic drinks or tobacco products to teenagers at prohibited places or having them involved in drinking or smoking.

The bill was put to the vote and approved.

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